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DIR Consultation Services for School Districts**New**

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Consultation and therapy services now available in New York City, Brooklyn and Queens.  
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The Children


Services Offered
• Developmental, Social & Behavioral ASSESSMENTS
• Individual, Dyad and Group Developmental, Social and Behavioral THERAPY
• Early Intervention (0-3)
• Facilitated Peer
Play Dates
• Social Skills Groups
• Sibling Groups
• Parent Training, Coaching and Support
• Creative Art Classes
• School of Rock (musical expression)
• Computer Technology & Movie Making
• Drama Club
• Academic Tutoring
• Summer Camp
• After-School Care (available in July 06)
• 1⁄2 Day Social Skills Kindergarten 
(available Sept. 06)
• School staff training and CONSULTATIVE SERVICES (Limited Availability)

Developmental, Individual, Relationship-Based Model

The basis of D.I.R., or the Greenspan/Wieder approach, is to help children with learning difficulties connect ideas and develop a logical understanding of the world.

Dr. Greenspan states that teaching children to become independent thinkers enables them to do anything. The way to do that is to respect the child's interest while challenging her/him to become more logical and better adept at abstract thinking.
Often we focus on changing
 specific behaviors, or teaching 
very specific skills. 
Children may memorize these skills, but if they cannot "think on their feet" their ability to use and generalize this skills will be limited. Children with developmental challenges often favor rote ways of thinking, but rote learning only compounds the problem.
DIR uses emotional 
and motivating experience-based 
learning to improve social skills, 
language, independence, and to 
teach specific concepts 
and academics.

 Annually over 1,000 
professionals and parents 
attend the DIR training
 course seminar given 
by Dr. Greenspan and
 Dr. Wieder in 
Washington, D.C.
Monica G. Osgood

 Celebrate the Children's  founder and director, Monica G. Osgood, is an experienced behavioral consultant and therapist who specializes in teaching social skills to children with autism and other disorders in relating and communicating. Monica has been working with this population for eleven years. Her experience includes four years at a school for autism in North New Jersey. She began as a classroom behavioral assistant and was promoted to Home Program Coordinator and eventually Social Skills Coordinator.

The responsibilities with this position included the development and implementation, with very encouraging results, of the social skills program for the entire school. She conducted social skills groups at the school on a daily basis for children of all ages and various developmental levels.In addition to running social skills groups, extensive work was also done transitioning special needs children into regular education settings. As a result of this work she has acquired an extensive range of materials and information on how to teach social skills to children with special educational needs. Currently, as a consultant to numerous school districts in New Jersey Monica's responsibilities involve curriculum and IEP development, teacher trainings, trouble shooting and the implementation of behavioral and social skills strategies for self-contained and mainstreamed students. In September of 1998 she started a public school program in Mt. Arlington, New Jersey for preschoolers and elementary age children with autism. The program is based on her own philosophies in combination with DIR (Greenspan). The program consists of a pre-school classroom and partial and full inclusion for older children. The program has been very successful and currently there is a waiting list.In conjunction with her work in the school systems, Monica also provides home programs and consultation for children with relating and communicating difficulties. This intervention includes social-emotional development, parent/sibling-child relationship support, self help skills, and academic support. In addition to therapy these positions include hiring and training staff and family members to work with the children; the implementation and monitoring of programs to be run with the children; staff management; and placement and support of the children into regular education settings. Monica is a faculty member of the Interdisciplinary Council on Developmental and Learning Disorders(ICDL) and has had the opportunity to work closely with Dr. Stanley Greenspan and Dr. Serena Wieder who have been very supportive of the Mt. Arlington program and other projects Monica has created. Monica has completed a DIR certification program as one of the first professionals ever to receive this formal certificate. In July 2001 Monica worked as one of twelve faculty members (including Drs. Greenspan and Wieder) providing a DIR certification workshop to professionals.

In November of 2001 she presented at the annual ICDL conference as a faculty member with Dr. Brazelton, and Dr. Greenspan, et .al. Additional accomplishments include many speaking engagements at conferences, regular consultations to school districts and conferences in Wales, and the supervision of annual DIR summer camps both in the USA and Wales. Most recently, Monica has appeared on Welsh Channel 4 and BBC1 sharing the DIR approach with British parents and professionals documentary style.

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The DIR model was recently highlighted in the Autism Quality Program Indicators published by the New Jersey Department of Education as one of two most commonly implemented instructional methods used with young students on the autistic spectrum. The Indicators are available online
at www.state.nj.us/njded/specialed/info/
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