Celebrate The Children
Summary of Instructional Materials
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Social Skills

We use mainstream materials in our groups that are supplemented with teacher made videos, posters, and books. These "homemade" materials are written in simple terms, which allows for greater understanding of the concepts being taught. These materials are highly motivating and the students have an easier time relating to the situations and characters of the story.

Emotions cards (simple faces of different emotions)
Lakeshore Feelings and Faces Game
Photo Emotions (LDA) 1-800-521-3218
Emotions videos (students/adults acting out emotions)
Emotions chart (For students to log their emotions visually)
Emotions Frogs (Child's Work, Child's Play) Beanbags with emotion words on them.
Emotions Poster (Child's Work, Child's Play)
Sesame Street Emotions Books
Joy Berry - Help Me Be Good Book Series, Grolier Books (Emotions Books)
Homemade books about emotions and social situations (Individualised and simple)
Blues Clues - What is Blue Feeling? (Book)
Perfect Pigs - An Introduction to Manners (Book)
Who's Been Sleeping in My Porridge? By, Colin McNaughton (this book helps the students learn about subtlety, irony, and sarcasm; use to build sense of humour)
Photographs of students around the classroom, at field trips, and their families (these photos are used to elicit feelings, social language, and act as a reference to past events)
Emotion Faced Dolls
Various puppets for role playing (Clifford, Blues Clues, etc.)
Felt board with felt people ( Blues Clues, Curious George, Madeline; we use the felt board for predicting behaviour and emotions)
Masks and colourful hats
Theory of Mind Dolls (pictures can be inserted into head of doll to show students what the doll is thinking about)
Familiar soundtracks and figures of familiar characters (Tarzan, Lion King, Little Mermaid, Anastasia; these soundtracks expose the students to interests of typical children)

Greg & Steve - Kids in Motion
Six Little Ducks
Where is Thumbkin?
Pre-School Aerobic Fun (KIMBO Box 477, Long Branch, NJ 07740)
Any fast paced music
Lumi Sticks (rhythm activities)
Elmocize - Sesame Street Video

Problem solving games from Child's Work, Child's Play:
Stop , Relax, and Think (5+ years)
Listen Up (5+ years)

Play Skills

Kitchen set with pretend food/dishes
Fisher Price - Carpenters Table
Barney's Schoolhouse
School Bus
Pretend people
Doll house
Race track
Dress up clothes
Stuffed animals
Pretend farm and animals
Cause and effect toys; toys that light up or make noise
Theme toys (Blues Clues, etc.)

Creative Drawing

Draw and Talk (Evan Moor 800-777-4362)
Following Directions (Evan Moor 800-777-4362)
Various drawing materials
Scented markers
Coloured pencils
Dot-A-Dot Art
Anti-Colouring Book (allows for creative drawing)

Obstacle Course

We incorporate fine motor, gross motor and motor planning into our obstacle course activities. The obstacle course can have as many steps as your students are able to sequence. Activities should include jumping, crawling, crashing, and writing. Below, we have listed some basic materials needed.

Bean bag
Silly Stilts
Balance beam
Hippity Hop
Peanut Ball
Sit & Spin
Balance Boards
Dry erase board
Wicky Sticks
Shaving cream


Blues Clues Story Cards
Blues Clues Sequencing Cards (American Education Publishing, Ashland, OH 44805)
Tense sequencing (The Living and Learning Company 800-521-3218)
Sequential Thinking: Levels 1-5 (LDA Grand Rapids MI 49501)
Social Sequences (LDA Grand Rapids, MI 49501)
Play tent to hide toys
Below, are some books that are good for reinforcing predicting and sequencing skills.
"Maisy" books
"Teletubbies" books (these books are simple and repetitive)
Very Hungry Caterpillar by, Eric Carle

Thinking Goes to School

The activities chosen from this book are modified to meet the needs of our students. Each day a different category is targeted and a specific activity is completed. Below are some materials that have been used during these activities.

Shapes of different colours and size (for sorting)
Parquetry blocks
Dry erase board
Think and Feel Box


Occupational Therapy

The materials listed below are used during various classroom activities.

Shaving cream
Finger paint
Smelly markers
Weighted blankets and vests
Wicky Sticks


Child's Work Child's Play 800-962-1141
OT Ideas 973-895-3622
Therapy Skill Builders 800-211-8378
Lilly's Kids 800-285-5555
Play With a Purpose 800-533-0446
Creative Learning 973-927-6868